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Colorful toucan.

View from the Reserve

The Place That Time Forgot

Sunrise (5am)  over Highland HeritageAfter bumping along a rough track for a journey of some two hours by jeep deep into the jungle and mountains of Costa Rica as far as you can possibly go and then some on horseback, it's more than a surprise to suddenly arrive at the most extraordinary place – a place so incongruous that it shouldn't be there, a Lost World where the mist and clouds drift and hug the mountains creating a scene more reminiscent of the setting for a Jules Verne or Conan Doyle movie.

And, like something out of a movie, a world of strange and unexplained happenings and mysteries – with an aura and mystique that envelops and overwhelms its very existence.

Fiery-billed Aracari at Highland HeritageNot for the faint-hearted or timorous, and far from a 'tourist' destination – few people venture here other than those hungering for escapades uncommon in modern times or looking for that impossible dream – a place that doesn't exist any longer.

Here is all but a lost world, reached by an almost impossible 'road', where the mist and clouds drift and hug the mountains creating a scene that is more reminiscent of a Jules Verne or Conan Doyle movie - a place beyond the affairs of this world.

Waterfall at Highland HeritageHere is true Escape, a way of life where no matter for whom or why, there is a gateway and getaway to that hidden place and time – that true hideaway and untroubled situation that we all crave at one time or another – a setting where time has stood still and where there is an overwhelming feeling of being beyond the affairs of this world.

Sentinel over the mountains.A tankard or two of ale served in the Bucket of Blood saloon when the valley is as dark as a tomb and deathly still, coupled with stories of the strange events, unexplained happenings, mystical powers, and revelations emanating from the Chapel – may set off the living dreams that others have experienced in the enchanted Cottage That Time Forgot.

Waterfalls abound – perhaps a hundred in all – from the smallest to the single-drop 85-metre (280-feet) major falls reached by a challenging hike. Huge trees, rushing rivers, vibrant orchids, tropical plants, natural springs and a wide range of wildlife and numerous species of colorful birds make for a setting that is as exotic as it is dramatic. Beautiful orchids are a delight to seeWith a temperate mountain climate as near perfect as you could possibly get – with rarely a day too hot or too cold – here is a place that will arouse the passions and adrenaline in any red-blooded person – rich and raw, rough and ready, from a true frontier-style wedding like no other in the bewitching chapel, to the ultimate escape.

This spectacular mountain estate in Costa Rica (2 1/2 hours south of Miami) is now open to those who want to benefit from the many powers, therapies, magical energy and real frontier adventures here, by special arrangement with the Highland Heritage Landmark Trust which administers the property, maintains it – especially the frontier chapel – in perpetuity.


A chapel especially built by the Hand of God …
for a very special purpose



Download NOW the FREE book on this incredible story

What is the mystery surrounding the chapel? Why was it created, and for what purpose? This great adventure and mystery ends with the final piece of the puzzle, 7 years to the day it all started.

Find out the extraordinary story of the chapel and why the builder was told – “One day this will become the most famous chapel in the world” – and what it means for you.

The sky turned black and the heavens opened up. For 14-days and 14-nights it rained … then a thunderous crash and the side of a mountain came down … followed by a raging torrent bringing with it huge trees, hundreds of them, uprooted by the ferocity – especially delivered for the construction of the chapel …

Here starts the extraordinary saga of Chapel-in-the-Clouds at the Lost World deep in the mountains and jungle of Central America … built to specific instructions from on high.

This is a story and succession of mystical ‘happenings’ and preternatural phenomena so extraordinary and prodigious that they are hard to believe, but well documented and chronicled …

NOW you can download the large format e-book FREE of charge – 123 pages with over 150 color pictures of the Lost World and everything surrounding Chapel-in-the-Clouds and what it means for you.

We are not seeking any information from you and this download is anonymous.

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Visiting is an adventure in itself.

Chapel-in-the-Clouds Christmas day 2011.The Rugged Cross on the hillside at The Place that Time Forgot

One of the most striking features at The Place that Time Forgot is the true frontier Chapel-in-the-Clouds. Often enveloped in magical mists it stands as a beacon and sentinel over the surrounding hills and mountains. On a hill above the Chapel, next to the Chapel Annexe of Sempiternal (everlasting) Memories, hangs the Rugged Cross amidst splendiferous gardens.

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