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Colorful toucan.


 To contact us, you can send us an e-mail or write to the address below. If you are intend to use the facilities at Highland Heritage for a project or just to spend some time here, please provide sufficient details so we can reply accordingly. The more particulars you give, the better we can answer your query. Please make sure you tell us your name, as we never cease to be amazed by the lack of information we receive in some e-mails!

The mailing address is:

John Howard,
Highland Heritage, Apartado 54 - 8100
Buenos Aires, Zona Sur,
Central America

Or you can e-mail us at:

However, since we are way back in the mountains, it is unlikely that we will be able to reply instantly as some people may expect!


Soak away your problems at Victory Wellsprings.At The Place that Time Forgot you can relax and enjoy yourself in a healing commingle of exotic waters designed to soak away your cares to emerge a reanimated earthling. Natural rock thermal pools are tucked away under a canopy of foliage in the woods amidst a bountiful sea of flowers with far reaching exotic views – an idyllic setting for soaking and relaxing in the hot and rejuvenating waters.

Covered with cedar canopies, the pools can be used at any time irrespective of weather, and, in the evening, provide a wonderful ambience when lit by the soft glow of natural oil lamps or candles. The first sparkle of light appearing over the mountains in the morning strikes the pools in a wonderful blush of color – for early risers, it is a great time to enjoy a buck's fizz (around 6.00 to 6.30 am). At other times they are enveloped in magical mountain mists.

The pools are used Japanese-style in that the waters are changed for each and every use and thus users are not subjected to the invasion of any unwanted chemicals, etc, or use by any other person. Like everything here – totally natural.


"Material things can be impediments in the way to the appreciation of the important things in life. Survival is an important part of happiness. When one is more concerned with luxury than with survival, things get out of perspective, and luxury cannot make you that happy."

Virginia McKenna

The lure of the wild varies with each individual. For some, it is the discovery of a secluded, almost secret, place; a part of the world that few humans have ever seen. For others a jungle trek itself is the thrill: the mountains to be climbed, the rivers to be forded, the wilderness to be traversed. There are those for whom the adventure is simply living in a wild and remote region, existing as part of nature, and enjoying the wildlife.

We welcome you to Highland Heritage; unsullied and hardly explored, a most beautiful and extraordinary area of nature where, with a little help, you can live out your dreams.

John Howard

River flora.

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