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Colorful toucan.


For those of you who have read the book — Chapel-in-the-Clouds: A World Beyond — you will know that the chapel has been built in a place that is difficult to reach — as far back in the mountains as it is possible to go. You will also know the reason for this, and all about the mystery surrounding the chapel.

Once a 'secret', the chapel is now receiving universal attention and as such there are people want to visit and experience the emanations coming from it.

Wedding at Chapel-in-the-CloudsWedding at Chapel-in-the-Clouds

Wedding at Chapel-in-the-CloudsWedding at Chapel-in-the-Clouds

However, The Place that Time Forgot is not a tourist destination as such — the ugly face of tourism does not have any place here. This is a spiritual and natural setting and as such is not a fitting venue for large groups of people, and especially those who do not understand what the chapel is all about, and the importance of what has taken place here.

Nevertheless, we do our best to make visits available for those who truly understand the nature of what is here; but it can only be for very limited numbers. It is not possible for people to make their own way here and we cannot make casual facilities available in this respect. Everyone who comes here must be as an invited guest of the Highland Heritage Landmark Trust and arrive in proper manner. There have been minor disasters with people trying to find their own way in — uninvited — to see the chapel (as though it were on public display) and been lost and stranded by the roadside. We do not want this, neither do you.

Patrick on a classic Land Rover at Dominical Beach.Thus, visits must be organised well in advance, and the only way that we can receive guests here is with, and through, our designated guide — Patrick King — who knows this place well and has been a reliable friend for many years. Patrick, originally from Canada, has been living in Costa Rica for twenty years, is fluent in Spanish and can make your visit a pleasant experience. And that's what it's all about.

Meticulously restored Land Rovers.Highland Heritage Landmark Trust does not seek to gain from receiving visitors, but costs must be met, and costs back here are high – the more remote you get the more costly everything becomes. Again, readers of the book will know all about this, and if you haven't read it then you really need to do so before considering a visit. In future, it may be possible to organise day trips from Buenos Aires. It takes about three hours to get here from BA as it is not possible to drive all the way in and the last part has to be on foot (about 45 minutes).

We do not have Internet back here, and phone service is solely by means of a cell signal half an hour away up the mountain, so you need to make arrangements for a visit well in advance.

Thermal waters and refreshments will be awaiting you on your arrival.Staying here must be considered a privilege as we are not tourist oriented in any way. All arrangements need to be made through our Facebook page located here:


We look forward to your visit.

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