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Colorful toucan.

Some guest accommodations at Highland Heritage

Guest accommodations.Private bathroom.The Place that Time Forgot is a protected nature reserve and hideaway, a private and non-tourist estate, and as such we do not invade Nature with adrenaline-fuelled zip lines, noisy quad bikes, hordes of people, or what many people feel is necessary to enjoy a so-called 'natural' experience! Above all else, we respect privacy, dignity and confidentiality. Thus, our guest facilities are in keeping with those of a private estate and not for the ugly face of tourism.

They are for small numbers. While modern and well-appointed, with private bathrooms, they are not designed for those seeking needless luxury. In keeping with nature, they furnish what is necessary. Electricity is provided by our own hydroelectric plant, and all water is from pure natural springs. Each unit is surrounded by water pools, small waterfalls, colorful gardens, delightful mountain and forest views, providing an air of total serenity and tranquility.

Guest quarters in a sea of green (note orchids on tree, not in flower but see flowering on orchid page).This is one of the very few locations, and the only well-appointed one, providing realistic access to the rugged elevations of La Amistad Park and we have experienced guides to access both the Park and the Cordillera at 10,000 feet. Partway can be by horse and encampments can be provisioned for whatever period is necessary.

Stays at The Place that Time Forgot are for adventurous people who want, and expect to, enjoy nature in its raw state – who do not mind bumpy rides in, getting wet and muddy.

The Place that Time Forgot will have special interest for:

Writers and artists – looking for a place to work uninterrupted, and one that provides inspiration.

Researchers, scientists and conservationists – for study and research projects in the rainforest – wildlife, orchids, birds, etc.

Film makers – for the exotic and unique location, infrastructure and unparalleled features – ideal for small crews.

Those recovering or convalescing from an illness – needing a totally uncontaminated location, peace and quiet, a healthy climate, and the purest air on this planet. (a 12-year worldwide UN study gives La Amistad the No. 1 place).

Adventurers – looking for real adventure as opposed to the 'packaged', which today is about as far removed as you can get from anything 'adventurous'.

People just looking to get away from the rat race and chill out with no external pressures.

Those in the public eye – looking to get away from it with total secrecy and absolute confidentiality.

Couples to get married true pioneer style – and able to enjoy an extended honeymoon period. Confidentiality assured for those needing it. See 'Chapel-in-the-Clouds' page.


The Cottage that Time Forgot.

A bewitching cottage in a land of enchantment far removed from the monotony of yet another one of those overpriced languorous 'eco-resorts'. It enjoys the most fabulous views over the whole mountain range and the Lost World to 10,000-feet. A fairyland for those who have only read and dreamed of such places.

Living Room at The Cottage that Time Forgot.The Cottage that Time Forgot is available for rent by the week (or longer) and includes the entire one thousand acre estate and everything within it – for your exclusive use. During your stay there will be no other people here to invade your privacy other than staff to serve you. Absolutely everything is included – you can ride horses all day and every day if you want – have guides to take you anywhere and everywhere, get married frontier style (or renew vows), have a knees-up in the Bucket of Blood – with no extras to worry about and no bill that reads like a menu as is the case in so many places in Costa Rica. There is nothing to pay other than the basic rental for the week which we keep as low as humanly possible but there is an enormous cleaning and preparation job so that the place is as you would want to find it – and with, for example, some 60 windows with glass to clean (and over 200 panes of glass), it's quite a task!

Capuchin monkey using a tree outside The Cottage to climb onto the roof.This is a place for discerning people – people who are tired of being part of the herd and treated like cattle. The cottage has a small independent kitchen ideal for breakfasts (though the waterside tearoom is a special place for breakfast), or snacks, while the fully equipped eatery always at your disposal is more suitable for elaborate meals. Of the two bedrooms, one has two single beds, the other can be two single or a double to suit. (In the case of weddings, both the Cottage that Time Forgot and the separate guest quarters will be used to provide more privacy).

At times the monkeys can be seen on the trees outside, and there are another twenty or so different orchid species within a stone's throw of the cottage.

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