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Colorful toucan.

True Escape in the Mountains

The Place that Time Forgot.

Access by horse and foot only, ropes across roaring mountain rivers, completely isolated and hours from the nearest habitation, the remoter parts of The Place that Time Forgot are not for the faint-hearted and arguably the most remote, dramatic and wild places in Costa Rica to spend time. Absolutely and only for the truly adventurous.

Arriving by horse from the Adventure Trail.For those wanting to get right back to nature, to experience the wild frontier and wildlife in the raw, our mountain hideaways are the only choice. It must be emphasized that these are for people who really want to get right away from the well-beaten 'tourist' tracks – very special people. Even National Parks and Reserves are now riddled with garbage and overrun with tourists, save La Amistad Park, and only because it is so remote.

We have small encampments in the remotest and most isolated places where you can spend the night comfortably and get the chance to see and experience at close hand what happens naturally around you, and in a variety of locations of different character.

Naturally, an experienced guide will accompany you.

The Police/Forest Guard Outpost

Our Police/Forest Guard Outpost is about an hour away by horse or on foot from our base here, and on the High Savannah. This has small but comfortable quarters with bunks for five people with a true frontier atmosphere (while only an hour away from our base it is a totally different experience being on the high savannah as opposed to the jungle). Cooking is by open wood fire, with pure spring water and flush toilet so you won't be completely roughing it at this one! Outdoor shower (warmed by the sun). This location is available to scientists, adventurers and others (when unmanned) who want a base to access the cordillera, i.e. a halfway house, and to spend time exploring the remoter parts of The Place that Time Forgot, with its wild rivers, waterfalls and cataracts, where you will be king of all you survey.

The Bat Cave near the Police Outpost.Near here, is a succession of glorious waterfalls with large deep pools in a beautiful rugged mountain jungle setting – magic is the only word that comes to mind to describe it. These waterfalls, only recently discovered by us, have almost certainly never been seen before by more than a dozen people – if as many as that number – due to their remoteness, inaccessibility, and the sheer fact that nobody has had any reason for going there, even if they could. Above one of the pools is a small cave where you can have lunch while immersing yourself in the surroundings. Thus, anyone staying at the Police Outpost is in for the rarest of treats and to see something that very few others ever will.

Cascading waters near the Police Outpost.Forget about your 'tourist' waterfalls that are on every itinerary for the tourist herd – the experience here is so totally different that it will live with you for the rest of your life.

But, and this may seem incongruous, the Police/Forest Guard Outpost is also a place for those who simply want to 'drop-out' for a while – a place where, over some whiskeys or beers, you can have great reunions with family, friends, or old mates you haven't seen for years, reminisce and tell your stories of life's great escapades like nowhere else. At 6,000 feet altitude it's a very pleasant, not sweaty, environment so that evenings around the campfire beneath the stars are thoroughly enjoyable and different.

The Police/Forest Guard Outpost was constructed by us due to the problems circa La Amistad with illegal hunting and other illegal activities, as well as intentionally set forest fires. The only way to protect this incredible area is to do it ourselves with the aid of our allies, the Policia Auxiliar Ambiental (Auxiliary Environmental Police), as the official government agency that is there to protect against hunting does little or nothing.

Police Auxiliar Ambiental.Also, by having people in the area it also makes it harder for hunters to enter and slaughter the wildlife – a Baird's tapir (protected species) was recently shot and wounded just outside our boundary and wandered in to die of his wounds.

People boast about poisoning the monkeys, shooting and capturing the birds, and there is a market for (illegal) wild meat in the nearby town. Few people here – almost none – give a damn about the wildlife – it is not as you have been led to believe, far from it. We are not putting any of these pictures on the website as they are too disturbing.

The Police Outpost, while modest was expensive to build due to the fact that everything had to be transported up the mountain by packhorse – literally hundreds of trips – and we have borne the expense of everything and made a host more enemies to boot.

Everything is much, much, more expensive the remoter you get, and everything created at The Place that Time Forgot over the past five years has cost between two and three times what it would elsewhere. Packing in supplies by horse is slow and painstaking. But, it beats the noisy internal combustion engine which has no place here!

How can I stay at the Police Outpost?

Packing in supplies to the Police Outpost.Part of the policy of Highland Heritage is to make our facilities here available to those who want to experience something that is different from anywhere else. It is not a tourist destination and only for a (limited) number of people who can truly appreciate nature and this type of lifestyle without all the designer accoutrements that are emblazoned in the plethora of glossy ads. If you want a plush tour bus and smartly-dressed guide to meet you at your 'exclusive' hotel and wait on you during your luxury 'adventure' (that isn't) with all the niceties and a cordon bleu chef thrown in, then all well and good. BUT, for those, relatively few, people today who want what Adventure meant 100-years and more ago – then come to a secret place … a place that doesn't exist any longer … a place that will arouse the passions and adrenalin an any red-blooded person … where you can break free from the constraints of what is commonly known as 'civilization'.

If you are interested in staying at the Police/Forest Guard Outpost please let us know what your ideas are, when you want to come, for how long, how many, etc. It's pretty obvious what we need to know. The Police Outpost is fully supplied with all provisions – though generally you will cook yourself – and the only things you need to bring is a sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Horses can be provided to take you there and a guide for the duration of your stay.

Stays at the Police Outpost are during times when it is not in use for police and patrol activities.



We all want to escape … from something … at sometime.

We all want freedom in one way or another … freedom, perhaps, from the prison of towns, cities and urban life, from the incarceration of office walls and monotonous hours, or simply from the seemingly endless responsibilities of life … to escape into the forgotten world of 'childhood', to regain its infectious fun, tireless curiosity and unbounded enthusiasm.

We all dream of a life of freedom and of a place called Shangri-La, where we can almost be Peter Pan without mortal cares or worries … a place where we can shed past mistakes and their perennial repercussions.

Forest fire intentionaly set in virgin rainforest.Many who work and live in large towns find themselves hungering for the peace and contentment of mountains, forests, lakes and wild rivers. To be truly alive we all need the reassurance that comes from contact with the earth and Mother Nature, as it was before the advent of freeways and congestion.

Man has suffered in his increasing separation from the land – and from everything natural. The evolution of his intellect has outrun his needs as an animal and it causes untold stress and other problems (that many are not even aware of). And, let us not forget, after all, that we are animals.

Many have looked to live a more simple and rewarding life – for a place on this earth as it was before man tampered with it – but most have made the mistake in thinking that such a 'paradise' can simply be 'bought'. But a paradise or Shangri-La is made up of many things and not composed solely of scenery and the like – and can disintegrate at the (nearly always) improper use, or even touch, of money.

Bathing pool near the Police Outpost.To stay somewhere like The Place that Time Forgot can be hugely exhilarating and uplifting – as though some pressure has suddenly been lifted, allowing an intense awareness of one's surroundings, a sharpening of the senses, and an intimate recognition of the teeming natural life all around … like a breath of fresh air blowing through the dark stale channels of an age of false values. It is a world that can lift up your heart and set your mind free after the harsh confinement of the urban jungle.

For those of you who cannot shake off the bounds of convention – or decide not to – and yet still want to pursue the desires of the secret heart in some way, you can enjoy our world and, perhaps, see your own in a fresh dimension. Through our websites and newsletters you can, in your mind's eye and from your armchair, walk with us on the same trails that jaguars do at night, stay where mountain lions roam, anteaters climb on dead tree trunks, cuddly 'honey bears' live in holes in tree trunks – and have a reconnection with nature and the earth, and thus yourself.

The wilderness is a fabulous place when it is shown proper respect. But, you must realize that you are undertaking adventurous activities, which, of necessity, contain a greater element of personal risk. You also signify by participation that you acknowledge the general principle that because of remote locations, tough traveling and terrain and weather conditions, together with more limited and difficult access to medical facilities, the potential hazards in such activities are greater (and can be much greater) that those in normal daily life, or conventional activities. Participation is deemed to be full acceptance of the inherent risks in all respects.


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