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Colorful toucan.

  Some waterfalls have great swimming pools, for the adventurous.

Smith's falls has a single drop of 85-metres.You can hear the 'thunder' long before you arrive. When you descend the final steps into the rocky chasm to the wind and spray created by the cascading 85-metre (270-feet) single drop falls, it's an awe-inspiring spectacle. Some guests have been brave enough to swim in the icy waters of the pool beneath the falls.

It's a long trek from our centre, traversing four rivers and valleys, to the far side of Highland Heritage and Victory Falls - at least 4-hours each way, depending on physical fitness - but part of the way can be done on horseback. A simple refuge near the falls is currently being constructed to provide overnight accommodation for more leisurely visits and extended stays to visit other falls and interesting sites way back in the cloudforest.

Of course, this is but one adventure - there are many other falls and cataracts  (especially in the rainy season) nearer. Wildlife and avian life provide interesting aspects, as well as the orchids and other plant life - especially the BIG trees.

Hiking through the jungle at Highland Heritage.With a horse from our stables, and an experienced guide, you can ride/hike to the top of the cordillera at over 10,000 feet, where both Caribbean and Pacific are in view (but mist often clouds one or other). Camping and exploring the uppermost cordillera is a wonderful experience - and you'll forget about all those electronic gadgets and paraphernalia you thought life was all about!

The mountains are rugged for hiking at Highland Heritage.Many people these days lead a sedentary lifestyle, neglecting the physical needs of their bodies. Healthy eating and wholesome exercise for both body and mind is a simple enough concept. Highland Heritage is NOT a commercial or tourist place, so stays are different and unencumbered, and we welcome special projects and long-term diversions.

What better enjoyment can there be in this, the 21st Century, than to return to those enjoyable and carefree days, where food cooked out in the open tastes like real food, and where you don't just glimpse wildlife - you're surrounded by it. Here you can see waterfalls higher than Niagara and whitewater canyons that tourists cannot get near, and enjoy the company of others in a setting unsullied by modern-day pressures and 'contemporary' living?

Climbing up the side of a waterfall. Group at Highland Heritage.


Some hidden falls in the jungle are a delight to explore.

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