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Colorful toucan.

An evergreen setting for our Library

Warm and cozyAt Highland Heritage we have a unique setting in the mountains where time has almost stood still and the 21st century is still but a distance away. Our (Truth in Awareness) study centre reflects our philosophy of tranquillity and a slower pace of life in harmony with nature.

This is not a place beset with hi-tech equipment and overwhelming information. Here, you can study or read or write as people calmly did 40 years ago and more - undisturbed and in peace and quiet away from noise and chaos. The only sounds you will hear will be from the water fountains in the ponds that surround the centre, the singing of the birds, the occasional 'noise' from the monkeys - and, perhaps, a little Mozart or Chopin.

Gardens surround the CentreFrom every window there are relaxing views of the surrounding forest, with more distant views to the mountain tops, and to the flower gardens with literally thousands of colourful plants - every colour of the rainbow. Wild orchids grow in proliferation on large rocks to the sides of the centre and on rocks in the ponds, as well as many wild flowers (at the time of writing this, one smallish rock has seven different wildflowers growing on it, all in bloom, as well as orchids).


24-hour natural fountains The centre was designed on a theme of an old Western building and built entirely from Western Red Cedar shipped especially from Canada. It has a small kitchen and lunch bar, a selection of around 500 books (fiction and non fiction including Natural History of Costa Rica), and a range of DVDs (our only diversion from yesteryear) on the corruption of government and big business, and over a thousand movies, and can host informal gatherings and discussions.

Use of the centre is available to guests, and others by invitation from, and as guests of, the owners.

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Study Centre/Library and meeting centre at Highland Heritage Study Centre/Library and meeting centre at Highland Heritage

Study Centre/Library and meeting centre at Highland Heritage Study Centre/Library and meeting centre at Highland Heritage


The Priory Home Schoolhouse for an enjoyable and traditional learning life.

This one-room schoolhouse will bring back memories for some readers – of happier and simpler times gone by and the frontier days of the West when this was the traditional schoolhouse and the epitome of school life as opposed to what it is today. The genesis of The Place that Time Forgot was for it to be completely self-contained and as self-sufficient as possible so that it could stand on its own if and when the case became necessary, with its own church, school, water and power supply, etc., and in a way that is the quintessential of a more untroubled and enjoyable way of life. The school day starts at 7.00 am with a half hour of healthy and invigorating calisthenics …

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