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Colorful toucan.

Cataracts of all shapes and sizes at Highland Heritage.


Sloth at Highland Heritage It's a short walk from our main centre to Victory Cascades in a glorious jungle setting. It's one of those 'special' places next to the river which cascades in numerous small waterfalls to a water chute that descends to a deep pool in a cavern.

Whether for morning coffee, afternoon tea with hot scones and fresh pineapple jam, or a few beers in the evening by the fire, it's a great place to relax. At times the river rolls placidly by - after heavy rain it can be a raging torrent. You can bathe in the many pools in the river here, but it's cold!

Our cabin at Victory Cascades.Our cabin here provides an opportunity for a number of activities, and a starting point for the jungle proper and real adventures. Wild cat (including jaguar) tracks are often seen around here, and tapir, coyote and peccary (wild pig) frequent the area.

This is also a starting point for a pleasant trek up-river to several good-size waterfalls, gigantic trees, and great spots in various directions to observe spider and white-face monkeys.

Orchid in the cloudforest.There are literally thousands of orchids in bloom throughout the forest, during the transition from dry to rainy season.

Having seen and experienced such wonders of nature - that defy even the most vivid imagination - it is tragic to see the destruction of the forest continuing on a grand scale all over the world, Throughout history man has been wilfully destroying nature - his own habitat: there can be no animal more stupid than man.

The underlying problem is a persistent belief that pristine wild lands are worthless until exploited!


World map showing Central America and Costa Rica.Often the 'rainforest experience' for many is little more than a few acres 'spared' by yet another of the Western hotels jumping on the eco-bandwagon. Some people may well prefer this type of so-called 'experience' - a few minutes' walk away from the pool or luxury hotel room. But at Highland Heritage adventures are rough and raw, real and rugged, and above all - exciting pioneer style.

Eco-tourism is a term that is used so often that it has lost much of its meaning and has been (mis)appropriated by so many hotels and tourist attractions that have absolutely nothing to do with the environment - merely offering a packaged glimpse of nature at best. You can even get an eco-sandwich - whatever that is - and play eco-golf in Costa Rica.

From: Real Adventures at Highland Heritage

The river snakes its way through a spectacular blend of mountains, forests and deep canyons. The air is alive with the scents of nature, and the water is cold, clear and clean. It roars madly in great explosions of whitewater, rages over jagged boulders and surges with devastating fury. There is an intense thrill in watching the rapids - the confrontations of a river on the rampage.

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