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Colorful toucan.


Waterfall in the jungle at Highland Heritage

The Place that Time Forgot (Highland Heritage) is located in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica 15 miles (24 km) roughly north of the small town of Buenos Aires.

If you arrive at San Jose you will head out southeast along the Panamerican Highway towards Panama for the 200 km (125 mile) journey to Buenos Aires. The road climbs higher and higher, twisting and turning seemingly in knots, up and over the Cerro de la Muerte (Death Mountain) which is often engulfed in mists – it will became noticeable cooler by the mile. The road reaches nearly 12,000 feet before starting the descent into the city of San Isidro De El General (Perez Zeledon) – just after the peak is the highest restaurant in Costa Rica where you can have coffee and snacks while watching dozens of tiny and captivating hummingbirds.

Patrick with one of the classic Land Rovers that can bring you to The Place.At San Isidro the road levels out for the final spurt through pineapple and sugar cane plantations to the small town of Buenos Aires where you will arrive about 3 1/2 - 4 hours after leaving San Jose. Here, you will embark on the roughly two hour (depending on weather and time of year) journey by 4X4 over a rough single track 'road' back into the real heart of the Talamanca Mountains – as far as you can possibly go. Due to the steep grades where the road climbs to over 7,000 feet it is a seemingly long trip for the relative short distance of 24 km (15 miles), but it is a memorable trip with interesting, exciting, and unforgettable views.

Setting off long the Adventure Trail to The Place.You cannot reach The Place that Time Forgot entirely by road – the last mile and a half along the Adventure Trail is by horse and packhorse for luggage and gear (though it is an enjoyable hike for those who would prefer this). These will be ready and waiting for you on your arrival. Don't worry if you have never been on a horse before – the animals are placid and can be safely and securely led if necessary. If it is raining, waterproofs will also be there for you. Here is a magical transformation to a totally different domain and way of life where you will be captivated by the feeling of being in another world – a place where time has no meaning.

There are a number of alternatives and options for the journey from San Jose to suit your needs, time and budget. Many adventures can happen on the way in – for example, the sloth shown here was found stranded in the road and rescued!

Sloth stranded in road on way to The Place. Sloth rescued and put on a tree.

Canadian students and teachers leaving The Place that Time Forgot.

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